Our Advantage

The strength of O’Sullivan Associates is based on the following characteristics:
  • We’re staffed by senior-level consulting actuaries who average more than twenty years of experience. Our consultants are the experts, so they handle any question at a Board meeting – instead of acting as liaison between the fund and a back-room expert.
  • Our senior consultants are directly involved in the work performed for our clients. That involvement assures that all our reports are customized to each client’s unique circumstances and delivered in a timely fashion.
  • We deal exclusively with multi-employer (Taft-Hartley) funds in a variety of industries and in a variety of locales. Our focus on the unique needs of jointly trusteed funds results in an expertise not found in a firm also serving the corporate and/or government market.
  • We derive 100% of our revenues from fees paid by our clients for consulting and actuarial work. Our expertise is never compromised by trying to cross-sell other consulting services such as investment, compensation, compliance (legal), or systems consulting.
  • We assure unbiased advice by not accepting fees, commissions, or any other form of consideration from any source other than our consulting fees.